Jeff Strong Music

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it difficult to use the tracks?
A: Not at all.  All you really need is a CD player or a computer with a playlist feature.  There are a number of ways to use the tracks.  

Q: Would we be able to change the tempo, keys, vamps, etc.?
A:  Of course!  We can do all of that for you!  Just have your musical director let us know, and we'll make the appropriate changes.

Q: How soon do we need to let you know about changes or problems?

A: As soon as possible.  We can make changes up to 2 weeks prior to the Opening Night.  Anything later than that will be deemed a "Rush Job" and additional charges may apply.

Q: Some songs don't have any lead ins and start right away.  How will my actors know when to start?

A: After rehearsal with the tracks, knowing when to start becomes second nature.  However, if requested, we can put in Clicks, or a Bell Tone, or even a slight introduction if need be.

Q: Can we use the same tracks if we decide to produce the same show again? 

A: Unfortunately, no.  The contract is for the licensed performances according to your contract.  If you do wish to use the tracks again, you must enter into a new contract with Jeff Strong Music.

Q: How will we receive the tracks?

A: The tracks can be received either on a physical CD or via the Internet.  If you choose to receive the tracks digitally via the Internet, we can send them through a secure server through which you can download the tracks on load them onto your own CD.

Q: If we don't like the tracks can we get a refund?

A: Due to the nature of the services, we cannot give any refunds.  If there is something wrong with the tracks, we will do whatever we can to fix the situation.

Q: If we add any performances to the run do we have to pay extra?

A: Not to us.  The contract with Jeff Strong Music is for the RUN of the show.  So if you were to add shows to extend your run, then you will not need to pay anything extra to us.   

Q: Do we need to give you credit in the playbill?
A: Yes.  This is one of the terms discussed in the contract.  You must add the following to your playbill:
"Musical Tracks provided by Jeff Strong Music."

Q: Will the tracks we receive sound like the demos on your site?
A:  The tracks on the site are for demonstration purposes only.  Therefore, the quality is lower than what you will receive.  The demo tracks on the site are GOOD, but the tracks you will receive are GREAT.