Jeff Strong Music

How It Works

At Jeff Strong Music, it's actually quite simple to get things rolling.  Just follow these simple guidelines, and you can have your Custom Orchestral Tracks sent to you by mail, or digitally.


Step #1: 
Contact us.  Let us know what your specific needs are for the production you are producing.  We're here to work within your means.  If you already have a small orchestra and need some filler instruments, we can do that for you.  


Step #2:
 At least 10 - 12 weeks before opening night, we need to get a copy of the Piano/Vocal Score to create rehearsal tracks.  These rehearsal tracks will contain the main piano line, and on occasion, a drum track.  Vocal lines may also be added on request so the rehearsal tracks can be used similar to a musical director coming in and teaching vocal lines. 


Step #3:

At least 8 - 10 weeks before opening night, we now need the orchestral books.  Go ahead and send those over to us, and we'll get right to work on your custom tracks.  If you don't need the full score, send over the instruments you want included, and we'll create tracks based around that.  


Step #4:
 Throughout the rehearsal process, we will keep in touch with you to make sure everything is going well.  If you need any changes made (tempos, keys, vamps, etc.), just let us know, and we'll be happy to update the tracks for you and get you new copies.  We want your cast to feel as close as they can to performing with a live orchestra without taking the extra time for musicians re-learn and rehearse in a new key.  

Step #5:

Your completed tracks will be sent to you one to two weeks before your tech week(s) start.  



NOTE:  Keep in mind that this timeline is simply a guide and can be changed to suit your needs.  Additional charges may be added to jobs that are considered "Rush Jobs" or those that stray too far from the timeline above.