Jeff Strong Music


At Jeff Strong Music, we're here to work with you and your needs.  Here is a breakdown of some of the services we provide

Full Orchestral Arrangements

Producing a musical?  We've got you covered.  In the modern age, it's becoming more common to use tracks for musicals and other live performances.  We're here to work with your budget and get you the best possible sounding orchestral tracks for your production.  We'll provide rehearsal tracks with a piano and drum track (when necessary), and the vocal line integrated upon request.  Visit our Demos page for some samples of full orchestrations.

Partial Orchestral Arrangements

If you've already got some musicians for your musical, but are missing some of the key elements to broaden the sound, we can help!  We are aware that some theatre spaces aren't quite large enough to hold a 26-piece orchestra, and sometimes only fit up to 10 or so.  We can add in all of those extra sounds to really bring a huge sound to your live orchestra.

Vocal Line Instruction

Sometimes it's just difficult to get a musical director for your production.  At Jeff Strong Music, we can create tracks with just the vocal lines in so your cast can rehearse with them at their own pace.  

Medley Creation (Musicals)

Is there a competition you're going to and need a unique medley of songs?  We can do it!  Just let us know the songs you need done, and we'll find a creative way to mash them together to create an awesome mix!  If you have already created a mix you'd like us to follow, just send over the sheets, and we'll make it sound amazing!

MIDI Mockup

Have an original score written, but you don't have access to world-class musicians and studio time?  Well, we can help with that!  Just send us your score, and we'll create beautifully crafted tracks for you.  For rates, please write to with "MIDI Mockup" as the subject!