Jeff Strong Music

Why Use Tracks

With the economy cutting budgets, many national tours and cruise lines have been turning to prerecorded music. While a live band is always preferable, using tracks gives actors the experience they will need for some of the first jobs actors receive out of college.

Clients who have used our tacks in the past pay less than half of what a live orchestra or onstage band would cost. We can also create fillers to be used on top of a small band to enhance the final sound. Transposing songs into a different key for an orchestra is a very time consuming process. Let the digital music take care of the transposition for you.

The benefits of using tracks are numerous.  Live musicians can be expensive, and temperamental.  With tracks created by Jeff Strong Music, you'll never have to worry about a musician leaving early or causing a fuss.  Live musicians are known for playing wrong notes and even randomizing tempos.  With our tracks, you will not have to fret over a wrong note played during a live performance, and the tempos will never change. 

Rehearsals will become a breeze, as copies of rehearsal tracks can be given out to your cast, with optional vocal lines included.  Imagine being able to take a rehearsal band in your car, and even at home.  Your cast will have unlimited access to the rehearsal tracks to give them maximum time to rehearse.